It’s the Little Things

When you walk into a friend or family member’s home, of course you are going to notice the obvious things, such as furniture style and the color of the walls. Sure, all of that makes a home look beautiful but often times, it is the little things that gives the space character and charm.

The trinkets and collectibles that you find carefully displayed on various shelves and end tables in each room can tell you a lot about their owner. Well, we hope so at least. That is to say, more often than not, those little trinkets that you find around a home can be just little odds and ends, used only as a means to fill an empty space. While that can look nice, again it is lacking a little something special.

When the time comes that you do step into a home when those little pieces actually reflect on the owner, it is truly a sight to be seen. It’s around that time that you can see that this space is much more than a house, but more of a home, tailor designed to fit that person just right.

Think about it from a personal standpoint; we dress ourselves up in a particular style that is very obvious to the people we pass by every day. However, it is those underlying quirks in our personality that really make us who we are. Well in the home, your general décor is your style, whereas those trinkets, collectibles and little personal effects are the charming quirks that tie everything together.

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