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Why Do We Love Country Home Décor?

As you browse through The Corner Shoppe’s inventory, you’ll notice that most of the items in our collection have a primitive, country feel to them. In fact, many of our customers come to us for this very reason. The question is, what is it about this country home décor that we love so much, that we actively seek it out?

One of the main reasons that we think most people could agree with is the fact that country décor is comfortable; it feels like home. Now we can understand why that would sound a bit weird; after all, you are decorating your home with these particular pieces so of course it would feel like home. However with the way some design trends are going these days, there are some homes that you walk into and you can just feel that the owner was more concerned with looks than he was with comfort. There are many homes that are very stiff and far too modern to be viewed as a space that you’re supposed to come back to every night and feel relaxed and at ease. A home that is decorated with an element of country feels warm by comparison.

So how do you know country décor when you see it? Well first of all, the colors are very soft and understated, and often times giving off a worn and rustic appearance. Furniture will look as though it has been handed down from generation to generation, with straight lines and painted finishes. Much like the decorative pieces found around the home, the furniture may also look like it had been hand-made or painted, looking like valued, antiqued treasures around you.

Overall, those of us at The Corner Shoppe feel that country décor is beloved because of the fact that it is so simple and timeless. Each piece that you see seems as though it has a story of its own. What does your home décor have to say?