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Why We Collect Things

Whether it be old records or antique street signs, there are countless individuals who have a love for searching for their favorite item, and adding it to their collection. So what exactly is it that fuels this urge to collect? According to an article from Helium, there are a total of four reasons why we do it:

Creative Urge – A creative urge is when you prefer one thing over another and develop a strong liking to it. For instance, pink is your favorite color. You make the active decision to be attracted to all things pink. Having a creative urge is the need to have more of something you have become fond of and want to keep.

Safety with the Familiar – The items we choose to collect might stem from something we have a deeper connection with or a fond memory attached. As a child, you might have seen the elephants at the circus and have since developed an assortment of elephant collectibles. These items make you feel secure and “at home” with your memories.

Obsessive Impulse – Collectors with an obsessive impulse are those that need that item and will go great lengths to get it. This type of collector will not only spend a great deal of money for their prized collectibles but a lot of time finding the perfect piece to add to their collection.

Avariciousness – Some items are collected for the purpose of selling them at a higher cost at a later date. A collector might start an accumulation of a particular product that may be deemed of high value or rarity. In the proper market, the collector could make his money back and then some.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding why you collect what you do. It might just be as simple as you like to collect! Humans are natural collectors and if nothing else – it makes us happy.