Unique Candles and Gifts

From Kira dripless tapers to highly scented, 1803 soy candles and melts, The Corner Shoppe in Gilbertsville carries a wide selection of candles in a multitude of colors to match your décor as well as the season. Pillar candles are a home décor staple and are now worry-free with flameless, battery-operated pillars with a built-in timer. You have to see these candles up close to believe they’re not real flames. You will swear you are looking at a real flame that flickers and dances before your eyes.

[singlepic id=7 h=200 float=left] The Corner Shoppe proudly represents Yankee Candle, an industry leader for over 30 years. Our shop carries a large inventory of the current scents at affordable prices. Our unique, specialty candles include vegetable-based Woodwick Candles that sound like a crackling fire when they burn and Ribbonwick Candles. When the flame on Ribbonwick’s undulating wick reflects in the melted wax pool, the effect is almost hypnotic. The Corner Shoppe has carried the well-known Cake Candles for over 15 years. These candles, when burning, fill your home with the scents of fresh baked goods, minus the calories, of course!

Visit The Corner Shoppe in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania to browse a large selection of unique, attractive and scented candles.

For more information about a specific candle or scent, call 610-367-6884 with questions.