3 Reasons to Consider Soybean Candles

You may have noticed that our Philadelphia gift shop offers soybean candles for sale and you might have asked… why? What makes soybean wax different than others? Here are some answers:

1 – Virtually Soot-less – Soy wax has some qualities that paraffin was does not, and one of these chemical qualities causes them to appear soot-less. If you use soy candles with proper wicks, you won’t notice the black soot around your candle holder, and you won’t notice the wick smoking. While anything that burns produces soot, to some extent, soy wax’s is so minimal that you won’t think it’s there!

2 – The Scent Fills the Room – While traditional waxes do offer a great amount of scent, you’ll notice with soy candles that the scent truly fills the room. In fact, most people note it’s “scent throw” which is a term used to describe how well an aroma-producing accent works. So, to have your rooms smelling real good, soy will get the job done!

3 – No Paraffin = No Carcinogens – Burning paraffin wax produces carcinogens, which can lead to health complications in the long run. Pure soy candles will not produce or release these chemicals into the air and your lungs, making for a candle that is actually healthier than others.

So, consider soybean candles for your home décor, and let us know if you have any questions!

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