Americana at The Corner Shoppe

You’ve probably heard the term “Americana,” but you might not know exactly what it means. Truthfully, it means a lot and, if you come over to the Corner Shoppe, you’ll get a taste of a wide variety of Americana in our unique country gifts and in the colonial architecture of our building.

Americana involves anything that gains influence from American history, geography, ancestry and heritage in general. Anything from artwork and handicrafts to tools and sports memorabilia can embody the heart of Americana those who collect or cherish such items typically hold our country’s history in high esteem. Whether you consider yourself a true patriot or you just really appreciate the various aesthetics that the United States have acquired or created over the past 2 and a half centuries, you’ll love the Corner Shoppe.

So, come and visit our Philadelphia gift shop and savor the rich history and heritage in each of our items. Everyone loves the feeling of nostalgia, even a vicarious nostalgia, hearkening back to times that we never knew personally: before phones, genetically-altered foods and the other things that can distract from the beauty of simplicity. Get a taste of Americana and remember the rich heritage of our beautiful country.

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